Vegan’s are the worst, at everything and so I’ve created a list of the top 10 worst vegan stereotypes so we can laugh together! Wait… who are we laughing at again?


I’m sure you know this, but vegan’s just do not get enough protein. I mean, where would they get that from? As a result of their protein deficient diet, vegan’s are pretty skinny and unable to build muscle. It’s such a shame as you can see below, all these skinny vegan’s are just knocking out their meat eating counterparts at bodybuilding competitions and are so weak that even one of them has been titled with strongest man in the world!

Jehina Malik
First EVER Vegan Since Birth IFBB Pro Physique!

Nimai Delgado
IFBB Pro. Never Eaten Meat.

Patrik Baboumian
German strongman competitor, strength athlete and former bodybuilder. Germany’s Strongest Man 2011.

Megan Elizabeth
Fitness Competitor.

Torre Washington
100% Natural Body Sculptor Raised Vegetarian. Vegan since 1998.


Vegan’s are known to be pretty weak due to their protein deficient diet’s again. Not only are they skinny, but they’re not the fittest bunch of people. They are usually are so weak that they cannot take part in sports, especially sports that require a lot of strength and endurance. The vegan’s below are so weak that they’ve played sports at a national, international and Olympic level. Tennis players, NFL stars, Triathletes, Olympic runners and skiers. When are they going to learn that sports are not for vegans!

Rich Roll
Ultra Endurance Athlete.

David Carter
NFL Defensive Lineman.

Hannah Teter
Olympic Champion Snowboarder. Gold Medal Holder 2006 Olympic Games.

Frank Medrano
Calisthetncs Expert, Athlete & Body Builder.

Carl Lewis
Former Track & Field Athlete who won 9 Olympic Gold Medals.

Ed Bauer
Champion Bodybuilder, CrossFit Coach, PowerLIfter.

Venus and Serena Williams
Sister professional tennis players. (Venus) Seven-Time Grand Slam Winner, and (Serena)Twenty-Three-Time Grand Slam Title Winner.


Uuh… the extremists! These damn delinquent vegan’s who are criminals and should be locked up behind bars for saving innocent animals from a life of abuse and murder. Oh, right, they do get locked up behind bars! I mean, it’s okay to rescue dogs and cats, and animals that are drowning or stuck in a pipe somewhere. I applaud these people, but people who are rescuing pigs and chickens that are dying, abused and are lined up for death are a threat to our society! These vegan’s disgust me the most as they put their lives on the line to save the lives of others. The worst, is that they’re saving beings who did nothing wrong to deserve a life of torture, fear and pain in a system that not only allows it to happen but we, the people support it every time we dine on their bodies.

PieBird Farm Sanctuary

Britches was liberated by the ALF from the University of California in 1985. Experimenters had crudely sewn up her eyes and were keeping her in isolation.

Gene Bauer
Founder of Farm Sanctuary, home to many rescued farm animals from slaughter.

Colleen Patrick Goudreau with Linus. Rescued by Farm Sanctuary. Linus was born into the dairy industry, and considered useless as a male, and was left to die. (Most males will be killed within a few months and sold as “Veal”.)

PieBird Farm Sanctuary

Lamb born to rescued sheep now at Lolly Pop Farm for the homeless or abused animals.

Uproar and Animal Liberation Victoria save pigs from slaughter.


Since vegan’s are weird, skinny and unfit, they obviously have no future, and are most likely going to land up being “no body’s”, all strange like, locked up in their house munching on their carrots. They’re so awkward, it’s unlikely people will look up to them as inspiration and role models. If there were famous vegan’s, they would most likely be famous for being the skinniest, palest people living on Earth!

Samuel L Jackson
American Actor & Film Producer.

American DH, Record Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Musician.

Joi Ito
Japanese Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Director of MIT Media Lab.

Ellen DeGeneres
American Comedian, Television Host, Actress, Writer & Producer.

Russell Simmons
American Entrepreneur, Producer, & Author.


Choosing to be vegan means choosing to be uncool! I mean, you’re basically throwing any status you might have had away to the curb side. If you want to a badass, you’ve got to be paying people to kill animals for you to eat. There is no way you can keep the cool status and be found eating a veggie burger! There is nothing more uncool then choosing to protect animals over exploiting them! These uncool vegan’s are what you have to be careful of landing up like!

Erykah Badu
American Singer-Songwriter, Record Producer, DJ, Activist, Actress.

Steve O
Actor, Stunt Performer, Producer, Comedian, best known as “Jackass”, Activist.

Waka Flocka
American Rapper.

Kat Von D
American Tattoo Artist, Model, Musician, Activist, Entrepreneur & Television Personality.

Andre 3000
American Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer. Best known for hi hop duo – Outkast.


Oh, yeah, vegans! They think they know everything about nutrition, and the human body, but they just make assumptions based on unscientific data. They’re being irresponsible when making false claims about eating a Whole Foods Plant Based diet and it reversing diseases and healing the body. No one in the medical community would support this. They don’t know what they’re talking about!

Neal Barnard M.D., F.A.C.C.
American non-practising psychiatrist, author, clinical researcher, and founding president of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Kim A. Williams Sr.
American Cardiologist. President of American College of Cardiology 2015-2016.

Brooke Goldner, M.D
Board Certified Physician known worldwide for developing a nutrition-based treatment for her own autoimmune disease, lupus.

Dr Michael Greger
American Physician, author & professional speaker on public health issues, particularly the benefits of a Whole Foods, plant-based diet and the harms of eating animal products.

Dr. Garth Davis, M.D
Medical Director of the Davis Clinic in Texas, & dispels the myths around protein. Marathon & Ironman athlete in spare time.

Dr Alona Pulde, M.D
Family practitioner in California. Contributor to Forks Over Knives Eating Plan.

Dr T Colin Campbell, PhD
American Biochemist who specializes in the effect of nutrition on long-term health. Co-Author of The China Study.


Damn tree-hugging hippes! These guys are the worst! It’s like they stepped out of a 70’s music video with their long hair, and tie-die pants. They’re all about peace and love, and have lost touch with the real world! You are bound to find these weirdo’s sitting around a fire singing “Kumba Ya” while they try and heal your corrupt soul with crystals and precious stones.

Travis Barker
Blink 182

Rise Against
Whole Band Vegan
Rock Band

Derrick Green  (Vegetarian)

Anthony Kiedis
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Tim Commerford (Vegan), Zack de la Rocha (Veg) , Tom Morello (Veg)
Rage Against the Machine

Oliver Sykes
Bring Me The Horizon


So we’ve covered the fact that vegan’s are skinny and weak, but along with those flaws, comes the frail vegan. You know they’re frail because they don’t drink milk from another species, and so their bones lack calcium, and they’re most likely to crack a hip standing up? Well it’s true as you can see from the pictures below. These vegan’s will fall flat on their face if physically threatened. They’re just not getting enough nutrition from their plant-based diet – it’s not their fault. Just don’t threaten them, they might fall over.

Vanessa Espinoza
3X Colorado Golden Glove State Champion Boxer.

David Haye
British Professional Boxer who has held world titles in two weight classes. He’s the first British boxer to reach the final of the World Amateur Boxing Championships, where we won silver.

Claire “Fury” Foreman
Muay Thai Fighter from Australia. She has won the Victoria WMC Bantamweight title and in Nov 2015 fought for the Australian title, and won.

Mac Danzig
American Mixed Martial Artist. He’s won the King Of The Cage Lightweight Championship, and defended the title four times. He’s won 21 of 34 fights.

Mike Tyson
American Former Professional Boxer. He reigned as the undisputed world heavyweight champion and holds the record as the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title at 20 years old. @miketyson


We all know veganism is just a trend, and millennials are latching on like they did Pokemon Go! Veganism is just a fad, and there’s not enough value to hold them in. It would be different if going vegan meant you were making a substantial difference in the world, like saving innocent animals from being held captive and killed, or global warming, environmental collapse, rainforest destruction, world hunger, ocean dead zones, and worker exploitation. Silly millennials… they’ll have to find something more meaningful at some point.

Bill Clinton
Former U.S President, 71 years

Mimi Kirk
Author, 79 years

Dr. Ellsworth Wareham
Heart Surgeon, 102 years (Retired at 95!)
huffpost article

Betty White
Actress, 95 years

Chef Babette
Celebrity Raw Food Chef, 66 years

But really… millennials know what’s up, and they’re changing the future of our planet!

Josh Entis.
With his upbeat personality & positivity, Josh inspires others to think about their food choices through conversation & great food.

Toni Okamoto
Helping everyone eat healthier for less. She provides tips, recipes and meal plans to get anyone started!

Earthling Ed
Using simple but powerful questions, Earthling Ed spreads the vegan message through video and conversations.

Olympia Auset
Founded a low cost organic grocery store to service low income communities in Los Angeles!

Yovana Mendoza
Her radiance inspires others to live, and eat healthfully through plant based foods and fitness!


The vegan lifestyle sucks. If you’re not convinced by now that being vegan is a terrible idea, picture this. Vegan’s can’t eat anything but lettuce. The diet is very limiting, boring and dull, and you’ll never be able to enjoy food ever again! You won’t be able to eat out with friends, and you’ll have to sit at home munching on your head of lettuce. This will be your new life, and if you don’t like lettuce, you’re going to have a hard time.

Vegan Fat Kid

Gaz Oakley

Erin Ireland

Berto Calkind

Rudy Ramos

The Minty Anne

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